Water De-regulation is here in the UK.

What does this mean for your business?

Competition in the business sector for water and sewerage services has already began and many companies in Scotland, Wales and England are taking advantage of this and are saving significant sums of money.

This long overdue change is fantastic news for the consumer and offers a variety of benefits including:

• Increased customer choice;
• Improved service provision;
• Stimulates innovation; and
• Drives more sustainable approaches to managing resources.

Businesses in Scotland

All businesses in Scotland, no matter what size, can switch both water supplier and waste water supplier. Businesses are saving tens of millions of pounds by spending less on water consumption and sewerage since the introduction of market competition in 2008.

Businesses in England and Wales

Full De-regulation for England and Wales is anticipated to be in April 2017. All businesses will be free to switch suppliers at this point.

However, some businesses are currently able to switch supply in England and Wales. Businesses that have at least one site and currently use a certain volume of water are eligible to switch before April 2017.

Does your business qualify to switch water supply now?

Switching could not be easier. All we need is some information from you regarding your location, current supplier and meter

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